All the small things: Cabbage Fairy

A very true quote from Claire’s sporadic but amazing blog…

‘I get very annoyed when I hear people saying ‘I can’t make a difference’ or ‘There’s no point me recycling/wasting less/eating differently/XYZ because it won’t make a difference’. Of course it will make a difference. Individual action is the biggest and most important thing we can do. In fact, it is all we can do. Our individual actions represent the power, thoughts and views of the collective group to which we belong.’

This is a powerful point. I believe in ripples. Ripples in lives and opinions and actions. When one person makes an impact on someone else’s action’s, this is a ripple.

But a ripple is about movement – people have to understand that for a ripple to occur, a physical change is needed.

If everyone ripples in the same positive direction, a tsunami of change will occur.



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