Gloucester incinerator…

Proposals for an incinerator to the south of Gloucester are causing a very small stir in the local community, but should be creating something a lot bigger.

Another informative and sensible post on this subject by Baz Kirby. My response was as follows…

‘This is my next mini-research project and this blog post has certainly helped to put the issues into perspective. I’ve just been getting into plastics recycling and have been recycling everything I can with Gloucester’s limited green box scheme since it started. we also compost virtually everything we produce as waste that is organic, only leaving nappies (our big eco-no no!) as the black bin rubbish.

So, given it is possible to recycle or compost virtually everything a normal household produces, why is there no pre-incineration sorting process? That is utterly ridiculous. Plus, why is there no heat to be captured and used as part of the process (as you suggested)? I’ll certainly be going along if I can but i’ll do my homework first. : )’

I also posted about this a while ago and laid out all of the arguments there…

I will have to look up the details of the specific proposals for Gloucester but apparently the aim of the scheme is to not carry out any type of pre-incineration sorting process and to not extract any heat from the process for converting into electricity – combined heat and power.

The latter point is fundamental to the whole scheme (or should be) the idea is to use the heat to produce electricity which can be fed back into the grid and used by anyone. This means that people who are not adjacent to the site can benefit.

The energy contained in the ‘rubbish’ is lost forever and converted into CO2 and air pollution. Recycling re-uses some of this energy and overall uses less energy to create new products from old, than compared to producing brand new products.

The constant and on-going rubbish transport costs and environmental impacts from non-local and local trips will add a heavy environmental cost. The actual monetary cost of this scheme diverts badly needed funding and attention from recycling schemes

There are a number of public consultation events going on over the following dates:

Saturday 12th November, 12 noon to 6pm

Sunday 13th November, 12 noon to 4pm

Monday 14th November, 2pm to 8pm



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