Log burning experiments…

The great thing about spending time at home is that I can carry out all sorts of little science experiments and observations about the things around us. The latest one was about log burning and internal temperatures.

I wanted to know how long it takes for the internal temperature to go up, using the wood burner. So, this morning, after a cold night, the temperature was 17.8 degrees and after an hour of the fire being on, this went up by 1 degree.

8:30          17.8 degrees

9:30          18.8 degrees

10:00        19.8 degrees

10:30        20.4 degrees

10:40        20.8 degrees

So, after the initial hour when the stove was heating up and increasing its output, the temperature went up by 1 degree every 30 minutes, so in just over 2 hours, it went up by 3 degrees.

The other thing was to work out how many fires the pile of logs by the stove would give us. My first guess was about 1 week, but now i’ve worked it out properly, it works out as 16 days! Each fire uses 6 cm of logs (about a row) and 12 logs per row.

Once the fire is on a up to a good temperature, I only need to put on a single log at a time to keep it going.



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