No waste(?) + incinerator energy…

We recently made the next jump in our sustainable lives… recycling all plastics and dramatically cutting down on the black bin rubbish we produce.

I’ve recently been looking into the proposed incinerator just south of Gloucester and the implications of waste management and a recycling level which is way below other European countries. This has finally prompted me to start collecting all our plastics waste, with the intention of sending this away for recycling. In the end, this hasn’t been necessary, as Claire’s grandparents local authority collect this type of waste for recycling, but it’s really reduced what we need to throw away.

Claire has just put the icing on the cake by actually shifting our old ‘waste’ bin into the back toilet room, which is a way of making it harder to just throw something away which could easily be recycled.

So, now we have our indoor ‘green box’ container, which is for things that our council will pick up as part of their weekly collections (cardboard, paper, glass, metal, plastic bottles etc), our brown food waste bin (which we just tip directly into our compost bin in the garden) and a bag for collecting any other type of packaging (including foil, aluminium, plastics, wrapping, crisp packets etc).

The whole incinerator thing has made me realise every single person needs to first get their own house in order before attacking the County for what they are trying to do with our waste. How many of us can really say we recycle 70% of what we consume?

The one really positive thing about the incinerator is the energy output. This will be 14MW, which is equivalent to 10 (2MW) wind turbines (based on an estimated output from a 2MW turbine of 1.4MW, due to the wind not blowing the whole time!). An example of this is the Ecotricity wind turbine which is by the M4 near Reading. That turbine is a 2 MW type, which powers over 1,000 homes. This would mean that the incinerator could power around 10,000 homes.

I wonder if the County would get planning permission for a 10-turbine project in the same area?



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