All those on 22 points raise your hand…

What a game! The mighty reds are on the march away from home and that’s now 5 wins on the road.

Starting with Kuyt, Bellamy, Suarez and Maxi was brilliant – as soon as I heard they were all starting I knew it would be a good game. Their combinations and speed going forward is very effective and amazing to see. No surprises the Chelsea defence were having some serious problems in the 1st half!

Second half went to Chelsea but the winner from Johnson was amazing. The other notable point was the £85 Million worth of subs on the bench, in the form of just two players: Andy Carroll (British transfer record) – £35 Million and Torres (Premier League transfer record) – £50 Million. Neither manager has any faith in them at the moment and you can see why King Kenny would rather start with Bellamy and Suarez up front!

So, four teams on 22 points from 12 games (apart from Spurs), which Arsenal, Liverpool, Spurs, Chelsea are all on – and there are 3 teams above this chasing pack! I’ve never seen such a tight top of the table, with 5 teams realistically battling for the 3rd and 4th Champions League positions! I can’t see the two Manchester teams dropping many points over the season.



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