A nightmare turns to a dream…

When I saw the sequence of games over the last couple of weeks, I certainly wasn’t thinking we would come away with two wins at Stamford Bridge and a draw with Man City.

Chelsea (away) 1-2 win

Man City (home) 1-1 draw

Chelsea (away) 0-2 win – played 2 days after the man City game!

The two league games against two of the strongest teams around were a great success and all areas of the team were performing well.

In the process, LFC stopped City’s formiddable run of 7 wins in a row and came out unlucky not to get all 3 points, particulalrly with a series of chances towards the end of the game and some incredible saves from Joe Hart.

Things are starting to fall into place, but there is now another encounter with Man City in the semi-finals of the Carling Cup to look forward to! I think King Kenny has got the approach to these games spot on and he’s picked strong teams for the Carling Cup games, where in the past, Liverpool have put out weak teams and paid for it.

The combination of Suarez, Kuyt, Bellamy and Maxi is incredible, with Lucas and Adam in the middle controlling and breaking up play. The defence of Skrtel and Agger is now looking like a real partnership and the full backs of Johnson and Enrique are both solid, with a preference for forward runs to support the attacks.

Johnson’s winner against Chelsea in the league said everything about his fitness, desire to attack and his reading of the game. He made their defence look frail and shocked!

The reds are on the march again and i’m looking at some progress up the table over the games gainst Fulham, QPR, Villa, Wigan and Blackburn.



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