Reds sink into the Thames…

A possible penalty, a disallowed goal, a red card and Suarez gives the finger!

Richard Williams of the Guardian summed it up as, ‘…any dispassionate audit of the match would end with the conclusion that the visitors were robbed.’

I was listening live to BBC 5 live, which in a way heightens the expeience and creates more suspense, given the imagination is more involved than when seeing the live images.

So, as John Motson on bbc 5 live commentary said, the edge of the box is part of the penalty area and the penalty for the foul on Adam should have been given. Having seen the replays, I would say it was either on the line or just inside.

The other possible penalty incident involving Suarez, was another penalty, given he was blocked and slightly pulled back, while trying to go around the defender. The chants of ‘cheat’ from the Fulham fans were unfair and uncalled for.

The other Suarez incident involved a call of offside for his disallowed goal. He was defo offside so that was a good decision by the ref.

The Spearing sending off: i’ve seen them given before but he cleanly got the ball but his leg did come up a bit on the follow through, but it was a single-footed challenge. Apparently the fact that he got the ball doesn’t matter if the follow through is dangerous. This is a fair point and hopefully he’ll remember this and control his tackles more.

Reina should have done much better for Fulham’s goal and not spilled it to the first avilable Fulham player. This was really disappointing and he’ll be gutted about it. He did make another one on one save and generally had a good game.

So, quite a few positives and many chances being created, but we need more accuracy in front of goal.



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