Black bin and waste reduction progress…

Recently we started only putting rubbish in our normal bin if we absolutely have to. This means virtually all of the things we used to call rubbish are now being recycled or composted and it’s amazing how little waste we’re producing now.

This Friday was bin day and this week our black bin was only a third full! We used to have weekly rubbish collections, then this was changed to every other week, in order to try and reduce waste and boost recycling. Before this new scheme was introduced, we were filling our black rubbish bin every week.

Now, we’re down to the third full every other week, which means we’re throwing away 6 times less than before. Even compared to 3 weeks ago, when we started not throwing most stuff away, it’s gone down by 3 times.

I’m really surprised at how easy it’s been to do this. All we’ve been doing is putting anything plastic in a separate black bag and composting all our food waste. This has reduced our waste by 6 times from before.

Once we have a full black bag of plastics waste, we just save it until we can take it up to Claire’s grand parents in west Brom, where their Council operate a co-mingled collection scheme and who take all of this type of plastics material, plus all of the other usual materials, such as glass, metal and paper.

Virtually everyone can do this and if they did, there would be huge amount of waste reduced, not sent to landfill, a huge amount of energy would be saved by recycling the existing packaging and not making new packaging from depleting raw materials.

Plus, you get loads of amazing compost from the food waste which is way better than anything you can buy in the shops! It’s a win-win-win situation.



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