Itiquira House – Rio…

Some inspiring images from the Itiquira House in Rio (thanks again to the Cool Hunter!).

I’ve always got our future (and at this point totally imaginary) extension in mind as well as the garden landscaping, and we’re always adding to our ideas on design. There are a few ideas from this which are interesting.

– the use of covered outside canopy to provide rain shelter and extended living space.

– large glazing which lets in loads of light and the views.

– there is a restricted view to the garden but this is mitigated by the interesting plants – the perception of space inside is the key feature. There is very little depth but very interesting.

– it’s easier to control a smaller area and make it look really good, as opposed to the whole garden space. Our friends had a very small decked area to the rear of their old house – but because it was well presented and neat, the effect was really positive

– the use wood piles could help to define part of the outside room, combined with decking and plants, to form layers of texture and colour.



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