Lumix LX5 test run…

A good video of Charlie Waite testing out the new Lumix LX5 in Istanbul…


There are too many amazing features in this camera to go through, but with digital SLR quality photos in a compact, with HD video included, this is my ideal ‘take everywhere’ camera.

I should balance this post with a mention of the Canon S95, which I have just seen in a review video being compared with the LX5. Both have very similar features but the S95 is more compact and sleek.

Great reviews on the Amazon site and this camera is now around £220, which is £100 LESS than the LX5, with a smaller profile. This camera was £399 a couple of months ago (now £230), but has priced dropped due to the S100 being released (12 MP instead of 10 MP). I already own a Canon 400D SLR which produces very good results, but is a bit bulky for carrying around all the time. The S95 could be the solution.



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