Man City v Liverpool…

Well, another defeat, this time to the league leaders. I did have hopes that it would be a much tighter game because…

– No Balotelli or Nasri playing for City, they had drawn and lost the previous two games, first with a draw against West Brom on Boxing Day and then a loss to Sunderland, they had a feeling of wilting under pressure.

– Liverpool had the best defence in the whole football league and had only been beaten once over the last 17 games in all competitions, while generally creating loads of chances with fast and technical players who could cause lots of problems.

What actually happened was that Suarez was absent and Bellamy, Gerrard and Maxi didn’t start. These were the four players who could have caused their defence problems. I’m not sure what Kenny had in mind there but it just didn’t work.

The turning point in the match – Downing missing his 1-on-1 and Reina lets in City’s first (fairly tame) goal.

The Downing and Carroll partnership just isn’t working, but maybe needs a run of games to develop. The big man up front needs better service if he is to be used in the way he was intended to be when LFC bought him. When he was playing for Newcastle, he was impressive and at the time of the sale, there were very few people (if any) who thought this wasn’t a great move for him and LFC. The price paid was too much, but given the huge fee for Torres, getting Suarez and Carroll essentially as a swap was pretty good. Newcastle knew LFC had just received £50 Million for Torres and new they could ask for silly money. He’s on a 5 year contract so we shall see how things develop.

‘Questions need to be asked of KK of the side he picked…where were the goals going to come from? The record of our front six for this game this season:

Carroll – 3 goals
Kuyt – 1 goal
Henderson – 1 goal
Downing – no goals
Adam – 3 goals
Spearing – No goals

Any surprise we drew a blank.’

A very strange league this year with lots of surprise results and big teams loosing lots of games. LFC are within touching distance of the top places but just need some consistency, with less predictability in the team selections.



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