Bolton v Liverpool…

What a shocker. I can’t remember such a pathetic performance for a long time. I’ve also not seen King Kenny looking so shocked and serious before either. A win here could have jumped us two places above Newcastle and Arsenal. Bolton had been struggling all season and I honestly didn’t think this would happen.

What happened to the defence? It’s like the back four just didn’t turn up for the game. Enrique who has been excellent at left back all season was all over the place. It was like watching a different player. He was getting beaten for pace, his clearances went straight to Bolton players and his positioning at times was well off. That was just one part of the defence!

There was just nothing in attack. Andy Carroll – the last of a generation of big front men – the future is Suarez and players like him – quick, skilful and technical, always moving. Bellamy. He scored our only goal and looked threatening at times but the attacking element of the game was terrible.

The midfield were just over run at times. There was a lack of control and passing accuracy, which led to a lack of possession. This is the key area which desperately needs to be tightened up – firstly to protect the defence and secondly to launch attacks. Adam is having a terrible run of games and Downing just hasn’t become the effective technical player he promised to be.

I’ve had a fundamental concern for a while now about possession and crossing from the wings. Setting up to put wild balls into the box from the wings just isn’t working. If this doesn’t result in a goal (which so far it hasn’t) it concedes possession. Our most effective parts of the season have involved quick, technical passing around the middle or through it. This keeps control of the ball (if you’re good enough to accurately pass the ball that is) and keeps the ball closer to the target (the goal).

The problem is that if the midfield is at present ineffective, this approach won’t work. There is no base upon which to build the creative moves. Individual players can only do so much. So, i’m not going to end this on such a negative note. I’m looking forward to the two cup games coming up, incidentally against the top two English teams! These are the big games which the top players want to be in. I’m convinced that LFC will find a way through this difficult spell – Andy Carroll may even wake up and pick up the pace! Ok, maybe not.



2 thoughts on “Bolton v Liverpool…

  1. My father is a huge Liverpool fan and talk of players like Steve Heighway, Alan Hansen and Kevin Keegan with a glimmer in his eyes. The match against Bolton just gave him a sad look on his face. Not because of the result, but the lack of spirit and willingness to bleed for Liverpool FC.

    • That seems like a true observation. At the end of the day, the one thing which is left is the pride and desire to play for your club. Like you say, there just wasn’t that spirit there. I would rather get beaten by any of the top sides by a good margin but play with pride, desire and commitment, than even winning by playing poorly or with a lack of desire. Winning just isn’t enough in football.

      Maybe a good old fashioned kick up the arse is required? : ) This is why Jamie Carragher is my football hero. The guy bleeds Red red blood. His example is legendary. This needs to be transmitted to the others sharpish.

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