Hand, foot & mouth…

Bloody hell, you do not want to get this illness! Hand, Foot And Mouth Disease, according to the NHS website, is a MILD disease caused by an enterovirus. Mild would not be the word I would choose.

If you have a few minutes, I would recommend the comments at the bottom of the linked page – classic stuff.

‘I’ve had uncontrollable shivering and night sweats and now have blisters on my hands and ulcers in my mouth. Also have the runs and no appetite and tiredness.’

‘This is nasty and would not wish it on my worst enemy. This may be a new strand because this is not “mild.”‘

etc etc etc. I was reading the comments while I was sat there shivering and aching and thinking this could get a lot worse!

The journey so far…Sunday was a sore throat all day, woke up with a bad headache and aching all over all day with strong shivering. Lots of Ibuprofen at regular intervals all day + Paracetamol drinks. Monday was the same but worse shivering first thing in the morning but less aching after lunch. After a couple of hours and some Ibuprofen, the shakes went away. Today there was very little aching and shivering and no headache at all, but a worse and very sharp sore throat all day. Claire got me some throat lozenges which contain an anaesthetic and antiseptic which has helped slightly.

The NHS site says the spots will appear over the next couple of days with 3 in 4 people getting the spots over other parts of their body, not just around their mouths.

I have to say the aching and shakes while they lasted were worse than I can remember feeling from other bouts of flu. Thankfully that only lasted only over parts of two days. The sore throat though is quite annoying and last night I could only eat half my dinner due to the discomfort. Again, this will hopefully pass soon. This does rather put my boy’s 3rd birthday in some doubt as it is this weekend!


* Since writing this, i’ve been to the doctor for a consultation. She has said it isn’t the HFM Disease, partly because there are still no spots and the very sore throat. The diagnosis was viral throat infection. So, she’s signed me off work till next week. A bit of a relief as it means i’m not contagious and won’t get the really bad symptoms!

Since the last post, the sore throat has got worse and i’ve now developed a sore inner ear. The combination is getting very annoying and i’m walking around constantly tensed from the discomfort. Every time I swallow it hurts in both places. I can’t even talk above a low level. I’ve now got some ear drops which i’m hoping will help the inflammation there, but it’s just a matter of waiting.


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