Connecting digital mixer to imac…

I’ve been doing some intensive cables research to work out what the best way is to connect my digital mixer with the iMac, for recording vinyl records and DJ mixes.

I’ve asked various people and the result are the above cables. These connect the mixer to the iMac via the headphone jack and I already have Garage Band on the Mac which can record and edit mixes.

Another tip is to record in.wav format not mp3 but convert to mp3 if uploading to web or want a smaller file size. Use Garage Band for Mac which is good for multi-track recording but a bit more memory needed than other programs.

Audacity is also highly rated to record on Mac, as is Audio Recorder from



2 thoughts on “Connecting digital mixer to imac…

  1. Hi Chase – just checked the link and you’re right – not going anywhere any more!

    Lots of places sell cables like this, just ask any major cable/electrical dealer for 3.5mm stereo to 2 x phono (left + right). Essentially the 3.5mm stereo jack end fits into the computer and the 2xphono jack end fits into the mixer.
    Hope this helps : )

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