Allotment small progress…

Another 1.5 hours at the plot and i’ve reached the far side! There’s only a small corner section still to do and now roughly 3/4 of the area has been single dug over.

The other job was starting to shift the manure which had been spread on top of the first area to be dug nearest the shed. This had been dumped on there as a sort of storage until it could be used for the other parts. As we’re going to be setting out the raised beds and planting the main potato area soon, this top 30 cms of manure needs to be shifted into the central (undug) area, ready to be used on either side, or left there till the central section is dug over.

The other job which i’ve kicked off today is to get the Allotments Officer at the City Council to set out exactly where the plot boundaries are running up the side of the plot, as each sub-plot seems to have followed a slightly different line!



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