Allotmenteering update…

Some more progress in the world of allotmenteering…

I managed to get out of the house of illness for an hour and a half (wife and both boys have been coughing non-stop for 4 days!) and got a couple of things done. The first job was to rake or shift off the top layer of manure from the previously dug section nearest the shed, which had been just lying there while other parts were being dug. Hopefully some of the goodness has washed into the soil. There was a good 45 minutes of forking, spading and raking done, with a lot of levelling done.

This then allowed me to carry on with placing the raised beds from side to side and I managed to get another 4 put in. The row nearest the shed are all square and the second row are rectangular. There is roughly 30 cms between each bed, for good access without loosing too much growing space.

I also put in a string line down the edge nearest the shed as a guide and edged that whole side as a definition. The side along the grass path between the plots was also edged..

Overall, some noticeable progress and now the line and spacing for the raised beds is there, the next ones will go in pretty quick. Now have to actually plant something in the ground!



4 thoughts on “Allotmenteering update…

  1. cough cough – so excited about the allotment! Thanks for all of your back breaking hard work : )

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