Connecting mixer to imac…

Finally, after months of planning and researching, the digital mixer which my turntables are connected to, has now been hooked up to our imac!

This makes it sound a bit epic but in the end, it wasn’t that difficult – well, not with my techno wife on hand!

The 10m cable had arrived and the idea was to run it behind the mixing table and sofa (along the same wall), then around the front bay and back around to the computer which is on the other side of the living room. Given the cable is a dark blue and we have white walls and skirting, this stood out a bit. So, I went back to my original idea of running the cable under the floor boards in a more direct route to the computer.

This was easier than it sounds and involved unscrewing two boards and drilling a smallish hold in either end for the cable to go through. The cable was passed under each of the joists then the boards screwed back down. The cable came up right in the corner and is now hidden by the computer table leg.

That was my contribution to the process and this was where Claire took over! I had already found out that Garageband for the imac would receive, record and edit the signals from the mixer, so this just needed setting up with the right inputs etc. The cable plugged into the Audio In socket at the back of the imac, not the headphone in socket, which various forums suggested.

Once i’ve got into the swing of using it, i’ll post about the setup within Garageband plus hopefully have a link to a music hosting site. Just one of the many things i’m really excited about but which is competing with all the other things! : )



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