Planting cabbages…

Bit of a random blog post but there is a lot of planting to do at the allotment and I need to make sure I don’t put the cabbages too close together. So, just checked out a couple of websites and apparently cabbages like an alkaline soil, so i’m going to add some potash to the soil first and dig this in.

Red Cabbage (rodeo) – from

The ash from our wood burner contains potassium carbonate (potash) and sodium carbonate (soda ash), both of which are very similar. We have already added the manure over the winter and it’s nearly ready.

I’m going to put them in 20-30 cms apart and i’ll see what happens…



4 thoughts on “Planting cabbages…

  1. Percy Thrower says “plant 45cm apart in rows 60cm apart”.
    My allotment planner says “30-45cm apart in rows 40-60cm apart”
    I did plant some at the weekend, using the spacing guide on the packaging. Can’t remember what it said though!

    • Thanks for that. One site I checked said up to 60cm also and down to 30cm. But, i’m planting these in raised beds which have very loose soil, so i’m tempted to go for a more compact planting. It also apparently depends on the leaf spread of the final plant.
      So, i’m going to go for my usual ‘use the force’ and see what happens approach! Prob 30cm. : )

        • Exactly – i’m thinking – I have 15 cabbages for this one raised bed – they are going in no matter what. I’ll just send them good vibes and sing to them as they’re growing!

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