Camping in cold weather…

As we say to our boys, there are only two more ‘sleeps’ till we go on our first camping trip of the year! Lots of packing to do but the idea is to go fairly light, mainly so we don’t have to shift so much stuff when we get to the site and also we’re limited by the size of our Citroen C1! We’re only going for the weekend so no need to go crazy.

Anyway, the weather here has gone from being cold and very wet, for the past 4 weeks, to clear skies and sunny since yesterday. This is very good news for camping but when I first saved the draft of this post, the last thing I was thinking about was dealing with heat, more about how to deal with the cold.

Following along those chilly lines, we did some research into cold weather camping, just to make sure we were all nice and warm at night – there’s nothing worse than bad sleep when camping to tire you out, especially having been running around after the kids all day!



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