Giant Rapid 3 v Chris Boardman hybrid bikes…

Ok, it’s bike time…

We need to get a new bike, which is reliable and easy to ride. It has to be able to cope with commuting to work (only 1 mile!) and a bit of off-roading as well + longer days out types of riding.

The obvious answer is a hybrid bike, which combines a more mountain bike upright seating position with slimmer tyres for efficient road use. I’ve checked loads of sites and different models and makes and the search basically comes down to the following two bikes…

Giant Rapid 3 hybrid

Chris Boardman performance comp hybrid

The thing which is really putting me off the Chris Boardman one is how flash it looks. That just isn’t me and I had in mind something red anyway. The white is just so conspicuous and a high ‘robbery’ potential!

The £50 cost difference between the two also means I can get the Giant plus mud guards and pannier bags and rack for the back, which would turn it into a much more practical machine. Two of the reviews for the Giant also suggested it was ideal for mud guards etc but the CB wasn’t.



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