Resin jewellery making…

Just completed a good resin jewellery making course at a local college – first time i’ve ever done anything like this but well worth it and it’s given me a load of ideas about future artworks.

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There were lots of techniques practiced over the two days, including liquid resin, solid features encased in resin, doming to finish the jewellery off and a demonstration of silicon mould making, which will be really useful for what i’m going to be doing. This will let me make whatever form of sheet material or object I want.

The general idea is to use either an existing object which you want to replicate, or create an object (a ‘master’) which is then copied. Either way, the master object is fixed to the base, then spread over with a thin layer of silicon, then the rest poured in around it. The liquid silicon exactly shapes around the object then sets to that shape. Once set, the silicon mould is then peeled off the master and the space left by the master object can then be filled with liquid resin, to create duplicates of the original object.

Virtually endless possibilities with this technique and lots of abstract ideas to explore.



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