Recording from mixer to Garageband 11…

If you own an Intel-based iMac and want to record vinyl records via a mixer into Garage Band, here’s how to do it

  • 1. Open GB’s prefs, select the Audio MIDI tab, and choose “Built-In Input” from the Input pop up menu.
  • 2. Create a New Basic track by clicking the ‘plus’ symbol in the bottom left corner and hit record
  • 3. There is no 3!

The other strange thing which we’ve just realised could have been affecting the iMac during all the problems we’ve had recently is the connection of the cables from the digital mixer into the audio port at the back of the iMac. I had just plugged the cable in to record some mixes from the decks and that’s when the old problems started again – video and audio not working, web pages not loading, the beach ball of doom coming up most of the time, programs freezing etc.

As soon as the cable was taken out, it all started working again. I have no idea how that cable connection can have such a significant impact on the functioning of the computer (particularly internet functions), but hopefully that’s it sorted.

Happy days again : )


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