Liverpool FC progress…?

Ok, rant alert – this doesn’t happen often but sometimes something has to be said : )

A very poor start to the new season, with 7 goals conceded in the first 3 games alone. 1 point from a possible 9. The performance against Man City was very good but a lack of finishing and defensive errors lost us the win.

Raheem Sterling, courtesy of Sky

Squad size – now down to 19 players. 11 players have gone out and 7 have come in meaning 4 down from last year – great for a smaller wage bill but not for choice of players or if injuries strike (which they already have in the form of the thigh injury to Lucas)

Carroll, Bellamy, Adam, Maxi, Kuyt, Spearing etc. All experienced players and all gone. The most controversial of these is big Andy Carroll – on loan at West Ham and out of favour before his first match under the new manager. Brendan Rodgers must have been very confident that a replacement was coming in to let him go – now he’s regretting it big time!

It says a lot that one of our best performers so far has been Sterling – the 17 year old fresh face from the Reserves. Lots of promise there but he needs the experienced players to help out more. As for Mr Suarez’s finishing – OMG! We need a new No.9 a quick – Suarez is ideal for the No.10 role of sitting just behind and being the creative force, which he is stunning at.

Although Rome wasn’t built in a day, it’s just not acceptable to almost wipe the slate clean and start again – the new squad has to be built up using the existing players first and adding new ones in slowly. Half the regular first team has gone and there will inevitably be at least a season of unbalance and learning before any stability in achieved.

This process is not going to be pleasant but I know it will lead to a better style of playing and better technical players in time – a game based on possession and passing. The main problem will be for Mr Rodgers to try and justify this process and defend things for the whole season while it happens.




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