Films, films and more films…

I had a bit of film-fest last week and watched some good flicks…

we’re signed up to Love Film Instant which gives a huge range of films which you can stream over the internet whenever you want. we also get sent DVDs in the post which we’ve put on our wish list – bit of old school and a bit of right now technology in operation there! I’ve missed watching films in a big way so there’s a bit of catching up to do : )

One of the catchup films was Kick Ass – a film everyone (critics and punters alike) has been raving about since its release in 2010.

This film was awesome – easily a 9/10 on first viewing. A very clever story with an incredible balance of the expected slapstick/silly stuff and the not so expected darkness. The two levels constantly reinforced each other and exaggerated the effects of each different theme.

I comparison to a different type of super hero film (eg Dark Knight Rises), Kick Ass actually has a bigger range and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The result is a fun and entertaining film which has some truly incredible scenes, particularly involving ‘Hit Girl’ and her Dad ‘Big Daddy’ played by Nicolas Cage.

Centurion: A film starring Michael Fassbender (Prometheus) released also in 2010 set in Britain of the 2nd Century AD. Not a bad effort and I would give this 7/10. Nothing particularly ground-breaking here but still a good action adventure based on the real events relating to the massacre of the Ninth Legion by the Picts.

Good settings for the film, lots of rugged landscapes of northern Britain, lots of fighting, running about, a fair bit of suspense and only half a happy ending. Well worth seeing if you liked Gladiator.

The final film was another Love Film DVD which landed on the doormat. Source Code stars Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. I would give this just about a 7/10, but the story and ending weren’t exactly that inspiring, but overall a good film and some good acting from the leads. I also loved the main setting for the film – a shiny double decker train. : )


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