World Tour of Bath #1 – Thermae Bath Spa…

The Georgian city of Bath – a World Heritage Site and a big part of my childhood going to school there. A training/lecture event came up hosted by the University of Bath and I jumped at the chance to combine that with seeing a few of the sights.

The first of the destinations on my trip to Bath was the Thermae Bath Spa complex – opened 6 years ago after a long and very controversial ride through the design and planning system. A very modern glazed building surrounded by listed Georgian buildings hundreds of years old.

I had a personal tour of the whole facility from Katie, one of the marketing team. She showed me the huge range of facilities they have there and told me about the running of the place and some of the history of the hot springs which the complex is based on.

The roof-top hot spring-heated swimming pool was the highlight and the views were awesome. I’ll have to go back there as a paying guest one day : )


2 thoughts on “World Tour of Bath #1 – Thermae Bath Spa…

    • Man it was awesome – 4 different hot spa pools (direct feed from natural hot springs), 4 different scented steam ‘modules’, treatment rooms, massage areas, chill out areas – I will be booking a day there shortly : )

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