The Man Who Cycled the World…

Inspiring, exciting, tiring and educational… Mark Beaumont is ‘The man Who Cycled the World’.

IMG_1456_2 D5144057-CFCB-FA3B-D3FDCE83319B5490

In 2008, Mark beat the previous world record for a continuous cycle around the world by 2 months, and he averaged something like 100 miles per day over a period of 194 days (more than 6 months)! An incredible journey of 18,296 miles through Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia & New Zealand and finally the States.

Mark is also a vegetarian (or was normally) but he had to resort to all sorts of food on his journey just to get the 6,000 calories per day needed to keep himself going. Also home-educated for his primary school years, this is an inspiration for what can be achieved through experiences of non-formal education.

The cycle was also documented in a series of films for BBC Scotland and having watched one of them on YouTube, they are worth watching to get a different experience of his experience.



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