Housing Design Awards Supreme Winner: Officer’s Field, Osprey Quay, Portland…

And the Housing Design Awards (HDA) 2012 Supreme Winner is… Officer’s Fields, by HTA Architects. I’m a bit behind the times with this one but it’s still worth promoting this housing scheme as a very high quality example of refined, modern housing.

Here’s a link to the video of the scheme on Vimeo!

Osprey-Quays-LOCOG-Handover-321 SFW_Osprey-Quays-LOCOG-Handover-25 image_4 image_2

(Images courtesy of HTA Architects + HDA)


Simple and clean lines, large windows with very limited detailing, locally sourced materials, generous space standards. A blending of the modern in to the existing built landscape, with the gables of the buildings being a key link. The opening elements of the large windows are limited to the side panels, which leaves the whole window openings for clear glazing, with no obstructions from glazing bars or surrounds.

The overall palette of materials and colours is muted with each property anchored by the stone, which seems to rise up through the ground to hold the structures. A district biomass heating system heats much of the development, with wood pellet boilers and rain-water harvesting.



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