Urban Architecture Office: FKI house…

The half light on the exterior and the warm yellow light from within (photo below) really expose the concept behind this design. One of the best Japanese designs from Urban Architecture Office…


fki02 fki00


Photos courtesy of: http://www.designboom.com/architecture/urban-architecture-office-fki-house/

‘Situated on a narrow site in Tokyo, Japan, the ‘FKI house’ by Japanese firm urban architecture office finds itself amongst a residential district of ordinary wooden structures. the concrete volume contrasts and emerges from the mundane suburban backdrop, featuring a wood grain texture to respond to its surrounding context. the external form maintains the gable roof typical  of the area, instead finishing the smooth surface with clean corners and edges. square oriel windows project from the facades, introducing natural daylight into the kitchen, living and dining areas on the upper level.’

Love the wooden grain texture in the concrete, which is a fairly standard result of the process of creating concrete walls from wooden panels. A very modern structure which absolutely embraces natural light and space, with a very minimal concrete and wood interior.



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