Film review: ‘Apocalypse Now’…

Francis For Coppola’s legendary Vietnam epic.

apocalypse-now-2011-anniversary-re-release-original-uk-quad-poster-2837-p apocalypse-now ApocalypseLanceKilgore big-papa-brando-apocalypse-now

The first scene has always had a big impact on me. The swirling dust, then the fire storm in the trees, then the sound of the helicopter rotor blades merging with the overhead fan in the hotel room. This was something I thought about when I was in Thailand, lying in a very hot hotel room staring at the ceiling fan : )

Touches like the young 19 year old lying dying on the deck of the boat as a taped message from his mother back home plays in the background, asking him to stay safe and not get shot.

The final scene is also significant as Captain Willard (Martin Sheen) emerges from the stone structure where he has just killed Marlon Brando. He emerges to be confronted by the whole tribe. He then throws down his sword, soon to be followed by everyone present – a contrasting end to the violence throughout the film.


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