Day 017…

In preparation for the long British summer ahead (hehe), we have bought a 5ft trampoline for the garden. The idea is to sink the trampoline into the grass by digging out (what i’ve worked out roughly to be) 1.2 tonnes of soil!

This sounds a lot but the trampoline is 34cm top to bottom and 5ft across. That’s a fair bit of soil. Anyway, i’m looking forward to the mini-project as soon as it stops raining (2 days straight as I type this!).

So, for today’s photo(s), I used the trampoline as inspiration and took some pictures from underneath the bouncy mesh. The first two images are seen in different ways, depending on the perspective – closer in and the image looses it’s definition, but as a smaller image, you can make out my head.

Trampoline fun 29.05.13 - 30 Trampoline fun 29.05.13 - 33 Trampoline fun 29.05.13 - 34 Trampoline fun 29.05.13 - 36



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