Eastnor Castle, Ledbury & north Gloucestershire bike ride…

I’m always surprised by the beauty of the landscape which surrounds Gloucester. Literally just to the west of the built up area of the city, is the River Severn, with it’s wide floodplain area. This natural feature has stopped all development to this side of the city since it’s founding in AD 83. This also provides direct access to the countryside at a very close point to the city centre.

Mr McK and I had a target for the day: Eastnor Castle, near Ledbury. Google maps said 17.2 miles one-way, which in the end turned into a total of 42 miles.

Gloucester - Ledbury bike map

We saw some amazing rolling landscapes, timber-framed historic buildings and Ledbury itself was quite a picturesque place. Strawberry fields covered by acres of polly tunnel covers was quite a sight.

We stopped at the 7 Stars pub in Ledbury for some great local ale, then headed back out of Ledbury south towards Gloucester. What a ride that was. Hill after hill after hill! Some hard riding but the next pub stop at the A417 Watersmeet for a well-earned pint of Doom Bar made it worth it : )


2 thoughts on “Eastnor Castle, Ledbury & north Gloucestershire bike ride…

    • It was a great experience riding through fairly classic British countryside. Will have to go for another ride before the equally classic British winter sets in.

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