The Oonagh Jones give away…!

My wife and recently launched an online jewellery business selling beaded necklaces and bracelets – check out the site…

There’s also a launch giveaway where one lucky person can choose any piece of jewellery from the site. See the following site for more details…


Bouldering & shoes…!

Wow, i’m finding muscles I had forgotten were there!

24 hours ago, I went bouldering at The Warehouse climbing centre, in Gloucester. It a very good facility and it also offers a range of vertical climbing areas, for use with fixed ropes and free climbing. There’s also a kids area + cafe and bar, with pool table.

Bouldering is a style of rock climbing where you climb around a room without a rope, where there are lots of holds to use, with thick crash mats on the floor. The idea isn’t about going up, but mainly around, practising the techniques used in more advanced rock climbing.

Practising techniques doesn’t sound to strenuous but bloody hell, it was a good work out! We were in there about an hour and after that, there was no way I could have done another route, my fingers had nothing left in them.

So, what parts of me hurt? Well, it’s mainly my upper back, just below the shoulder blades, and stomach muscles. My arms are generally buzzing but not quite aching. Shoulders are tight but ok. I thought my fingers would be bad but they seem fine. My achilles tendon also seems to be aching slightly, probably due to being tensed so much.

I also hired some proper climbing shoes, which fit tightly around the foot. These really helped get good holds on the surfaces and i’ve been doing a bit of tinternet research into getting some, rather than paying £2.50 each time.

So, the best deal i’ve found so far is from Go Outdoors, with an amazing 68% off some Montrail Orbit shoes, for £18.97 (original price was £60). The best shoes i’ve found with some really good reviews are the La Sportiva Miura VS, from Banana Fingers, which come in at £97 (down from £102.49). These are out of my price range but look amazing! The shoes I hired last night were La Sportiva and had excellent triple Velcro straps, which helped to mould the shoe around the foot.

Bouldering was brilliant and can’t wait to go again next week!


Choosing clothes…

It seems once a year Claire and I make the effort to go to the shops and sort out our wardrobes! Mostly we don’t buy clothes throughout the year, in a large part due to never having any money, but the January sales seemed like a good opportunity to get basically twice the number of clothes for the same price!

For me, it was about altering my look at work, but as Claire said, it was about merging the work and home styles together, so there wasn’t a defined ‘image’ for either one. I suppose it’s also about being more myself and not something I or other people think I should be.

So in true logical Matt style, I did a load of internet research into styles and fashion (most of which is ridiculous!) and after finding some really expensive styles, I tried to go for similar looks at much much cheaper prices. Then I went around our new(ish) designer outlet centre (Gloucester Quays) to just look around, and also into the town centre. Once i’d done this, I worked out what I thought I wanted to change the wardrobe and more importantly, how much I had to spend! We both got the same amount and went to work.

Two days later, I went back into town, then the Quays and managed to get most of the things I wanted, apart from two pairs of trousers and a cardigan. Since then, I found a cardy on the internet, so it’s just trousers left. I’m not going for jeans this year, or corduroy, as I want a change from normal!

Also H&M do a good range of organic cotton clothes. I got a spring time jacket for £30 and a couple of long sleeve shirts (£10 each). Amazingly, Primark also provided a good source of ideas, with some cool shirts for like £4 each!

Anyway, that’s about the extent of my clothes related blogging for the year!