Day 047 – Thistledown camping day 1…

Our annual pilgrimage to our favourite camp site – Thistledown, at Nympsfield, which is near Stroud, which is 25 minutes drive from Gloucester. Anyway, a very nice and seni-eco site, with camp fires, composting toilets etc, positioned overlooking hills and forests, adjacent to the National Trust Woodchester estate.

Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 004 Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 053 Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 057 Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 058 Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 044 Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 046



Day 046 – Llanthony bridge…

Llanthony Bridge in Gloucester, on the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal – this lifts to let boats pass under, which also stops the traffic for a while : )

Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 10 Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 13


Day 045 – cloudscape…

A sunny day walking around the Docks and spending a bit of time looking into the water : ) The first image is part of an outboard motor.

Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 02 Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 04 Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 04 - Version 2

Two versions of the same image above. The original colour version was converted and enhanced in iphoto and it’s amazing the difference which can be achieved.


Day 044 – Around the Docks…

A decaying long boat moored in the Barge Arm, within Gloucester Docks.

Gloucester  Docks 25.06.13 - 04 Gloucester  Docks 25.06.13 - 08

The reflection of the Docks Museum and one of its exhibits – a steam dredger once used to clear the canal and basins of silt.


Day 043 – painting at home…

Home education with the boys at home today, started out with some colouring, painting and workbooks. I love the wet poster-paint effects and the streaks of colour which appear in the partially mixed paint pots – I just wish the glistening and vibrant nature of it would stay – part of the reason why i’m now experimenting with acrylic paint : )

Inside paint pot 24.06.13 Paint splatter 24.06.13 Colour wheel 24.06.13


Day 042 – Perrygrove Railway…

Just got back from an entertaining day out at Perrygrove Railway, near Coleford, in the Forest of Dean, just to the West of Gloucester. Lots of little steam engines to see and carriages to ride on, through dense forest areas.

Perrygrove Railway 23.06.13 - 16 Perrygrove Railway 23.06.13 - 28

Anyway, great for the kids and a good Sunday out.


Day 041 – Highnam bike ride…

A spur of the moment decision to get on the bike and do the 10-mile round-trip to Highnam, just to the NW of Gloucester.

Highnam bike ride 21.06.13 - 02 Highnam bike ride 21.06.13 - 12 Highnam bike ride 21.06.13 - 10

Once down by the River Severn, I did partially regret the dusk-timing due to the large number of insects flying around, but it was a good work out and a good opportunity to experience nature : )


Day 040 – nature reclaiming the city…

A recently cleared development site in the centre of Gloucester is being slowly re-claimed by nature : )



Day 038 – balloon caught…

As I was wondering what to do for the picture of the day…


: ) out

Day 036 – grafitti Gloucester…

There is a temporary hoarding wooden panel wall which surrounds a large redevelopment site in the centre of Gloucester. This wall stretches down a well-used walking route called Greyfriars Lane. Every so often a new bit of graffiti appears.

Graffiti 17.06.13 - 1 Graffiti 17.06.13 - 2 Graffiti 17.06.13 - 3

The above image shows a severed badger’s head with a white flag – this is connected with the planned badger culling experiment which is taking place in Gloucestershire, in an attempt to stop the spread of TB to cows and other livestock. A highly debatable subject and experiment.


Day 035 – graphite pen rubbing…

A great rubbing of the side slice of a cheese grater, by my son. He used a graphite pen and all the various slicing surfaces produced different textures and effects.

Graphite crayon rubbing 15.06.13 - 09


Day 034 – white plastic step comes alive…

A smiley face and a glowing energy, from the inside of a plastic step : )

IMG_3414 IMG_3422


Day 033 – Reading Train Station…

Views in and around Reading Train Station. The new station is nearly finished but there is still some fairly significant building work going on and some heavy demolition to be completed of the older station areas.

Reading Station 14.06.13 - 14 IMG_3613 IMG_3590 IMG_3607 IMG_3599