400 ppm…

Another climate change milestone has been reached. The Mauna Loa observatory on Hawaii has been taking readings since 1958. Since I stood within 500m of this observatory when I was roughly 8 years old, I feel i’ve had a slightly altered perception of this planet.


Here’s the pdf: Global carbon dioxide 400ppm


So, 280 – 400 ppm of CO2 in roughly 200 years. Wow.

The human conditions of enterprise, endeavour and creativity have not served the planet well in some ways – those things have led to the development of ever more damaging practices and technologies. The creation of free markets and capitalism has been the driving force behind this process and has pushed and pushed the principle of the cheapest process or product being the approach which is followed – in many ways to the detriment of the planet (or should I say the living creatures which inhabit the planet).

Time to use those same human characteristics to reverse what has happened over the past 200 years.

One way to draw back from the trap of ever-increasing impact is to make a conscious effort to alter your lifestyle choices. In our house, we periodically re-examine what we’re doing in our lives and if we can make any changes for the better.

The most recent example has been to sell our dishwasher and get our old microwave oven recycled. Those are both fairly high-power usage bits of kit and that move will hopefully lead to a reduction in power use, meaning less CO2 released and less money wasted.

I’m loving the process involved, especially the challenge of living a more simple life.


7 Minutes of Terror: Curiosity Rover’s Mars landing…

Carrying on the very random theme of this blog, i’ve had this post in the ‘drafts’ section for about 3 months and just haven’t got around to finishing and posting it.

There were two major events this summer which could be said to have fundamentally influenced our planet (which made the most impact on me). The first was the London Olympics, watched by billions of people across the globe, and the landing of the Curiosity Rover. 1 hour after the men’s 100m final, this was happening.

If you have a spare 5 minutes you need to watch this.My favourite part is the sky crane section where the Rover is slowly lowered to the surface, while the lander is hovering above it.

A very inspiring video and an incredible achievement for humans – all with a 14 minute time delay to Earth, 300,000,000 miles from Earth! I’m not sure there has ever been a more technically extraordinary human achievement.


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Faster than light particles & extra dimensions…?

A potentially truly incredible discovery by scientists at CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, translated as… the European organisation for nuclear research).

Listen to this incredible interview with CERN’s Brian Cox who explains the situation far better than I can.

In a nutshell, this could be the first recorded evidence of a particle (in this case neutrinos, or anything for that matter) travelling faster than the speed of light. This could mean the existence of parallel dimensions which allow a different route for the particles to travel through, instead of using our own dimension, in effect more than the 3rd dimension and 4th dimension (time) which we already know about.