St. Ivel inverted…

A rough sketch layout of a residential site just outside Swindon, using topography and landmarks.



Tactile paving studs…

New controlled crossing tactile metal pavement studs. These are designed to contrast with the paving and alert partially sighted pedestrians that there is a crossing. A hole for each stud is drilled then studs are glued into the Forest of Dean natural sandstone paving.




Layers of time…

A walk around the former prison and Docks in Gloucester. Looking at layers of materials and time.


Former Chain Test House, Swindon…

A tour of the former Chain Test House, in Swindon.

Good quality finishes and good choice of new bricks which reflect the older stone in the area.


Blackfriars / Barbican Gloucester…

A snapshot of the context of the Blackfriars area, adjacent to the Docks in Gloucester. A fairly even mix of a range of orange/red bricks and stone, with lots of shades and textures.


Timber cladding…

Have just finished the timber cladding on the dining room and side of the kitchen.


Lots of different stages to get to this point, including insulating, fixing breather membrane to make it all waterproof and fixing first the vertical then the horizontal battens. The existing windows were painted with upvc paint primer then an external grey paint. New aluminium cill extenders were added over the existing cills and galvanised steel downpipes and gutter was fixed.

A real transformation and also much better insulation!


St. Nicholas Church lighting trial…

A really good lighting test at St. Nicholas Church in Gloucester. We tested out lots of different styles, effects and colours on various parts of the church. The idea is to produce an exterior lighting scheme, but the interior effect will be amazing.

Can’t wait to see this scheme up and running.

St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 078 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 092 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 085 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 127 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 109


Day 052 – corten steel wall…

A building detail of one of the more interesting structures within Gloucester Docks – a corten steel, single-storey restaurant, with sharp lines and a strong presence amongst the much larger, brick-built warehouses.

The corten steel material rusts, erodes and changes during its lifetime, creating almost a living structure.



Thre Shadows Photography Centre, Beijing…

Some amazing brickwork detailing.



Day 033 – Reading Train Station…

Views in and around Reading Train Station. The new station is nearly finished but there is still some fairly significant building work going on and some heavy demolition to be completed of the older station areas.

Reading Station 14.06.13 - 14 IMG_3613 IMG_3590 IMG_3607 IMG_3599


Photo tour 3: Baker’s Quay…

The third in the series of Gloucester evening photo tours. Myself and Mr KP wandered the largely derelict historic Bakers Quay area, which is adjacent to Gloucester Docks. The area is full of Georgian and Victorian (1850’s – 1901) warehouses and which is in the process of being joined into the living fabric of the city once again.

Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 03 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 05 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 07 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 04 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 06 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 14

Refreshments included a Wadsworth 6X beer in the Tall Ship pub and a Red Stripe Jamaican lager-beer in Cafe Rene + a cheeky slim cigar which a work colleague just brought back from Cuba : )


The de Young museum – Herzog & de Meuron…

An interview with Jacques Herzog in ‘the de Young in the 21st century’, a book about the development and design of 2005 art museum located in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, by Herzog & de Meuron architects.

IMG_2061 Text highlight

‘… the building should stress that moment of the real encounter. It’s the only true asset left for architecture.’

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P!NK concert FA!L, but a nice day out anyway…

After many months of suspense and anticipation, the Pink concert which we had been really looking forward to was cancelled, 3 hours before it was due to start! Pink called in sick so had to make alternative arrangements. We even saw her tour bus pulling into the NEC parking area.

Here are some pictures from around the Birmingham NEC area…

NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 03 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 04 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 06 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 08 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 10 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 26 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 12

So, what do you do when you’re 7 miles from the centre of Birmingham, after having just received a text message saying your concert has been cancelled?

First thing – there’s no way we’re going back home now when we’ve got the day to ourselves! Second thing – let’s go see a film. Ok, nothing really inspiring on (Tom Cruise being the top target). Let’s head that way and see. While on way to cinema, we see the high rise towers of the centre and decide to head to the Bullring for some shopping/browsing and some food.

Really glad we did that and had some really nice Thai food at Selfridges. A fair bit of browsing the shops and being shocked at the prices of clothes but a potentially bad day turned into good day out.

NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 23 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 18 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 33 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 27 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 29 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 31 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 32