Tactile paving studs…

New controlled crossing tactile metal pavement studs. These are designed to contrast with the paving and alert partially sighted pedestrians that there is a crossing. A hole for each stud is drilled then studs are glued into the Forest of Dean natural sandstone paving.




Rusty van…!

I walked past a van parked on the side of the road which had rust patches and rust marks running below. Black and white plus grain filters applied 🙂



Tree carving…

An old cherry tree in the park had to be cut down but this turned into a real opportunity for some art in nature.


Sea ice…

I looked out the window onto the flat roof of the dining room and found some amazing patterns. Almost like a beach and waves which have been frozen.



Layers of time…

A walk around the former prison and Docks in Gloucester. Looking at layers of materials and time.