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Cat in the Hat alphabet…

I’ve read Jamie ‘The Cat In The Hat Comes Back’ a couple of times in the last week and he’s been practising his alphabet.

We were going through the letters each time in sequence, as each new cat was revealed but then a few pages further on all of the little cats were just jumping around outside with no order to the letters. He went through all the ones on the page and found them all in order, even the little ‘G’ in the corner! This means he does know the letters individually, not just as a sequence while following the song.


Protected: Jamie and Jac development…

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1979 Fabric ‘123ABC’…

My Mum gave the boys a really cool alphabet and numbers fabric for Christmas, titled ‘123ABC’¬†and Claire just had time to sew a hem onto the top and bottom edges (which were a bit frayed).

The label on the side of the fabric says designed by Jan Pienkowski, who also produced some classic books, like Meg and Mog etc. It also says 1979, being the auspiocious year of Margaret Thatcher and me coming into the world! Really don’t like that association, but the fabric is really cool.

We’ve just pinned it up on the wall by the table and already the boys are staring at it and Jac is making all sorts of noises! Jamie is also talking about the letters and pictures. It’s also nice to finally get something up on the wall.

The whole point of the design for the living space was to have very clear and crisp walls which would provide the background for lots of colourful pictures.