Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet…!

I recently tried the boys with an old episode of Thunderbirds and they loved it. The classic Jerry and Sylvia Anderson puppet adventure series from 1965 seems to be a big hit.

This is such a blast from the past and I remember watching all these in my teens after school, especially after games lesson on a Friday. It’s pretty much how I remember it but now i’m noticing some of the adult humour and little details.

Because they liked this so much, I then showed them an episode of Stingray, also from the 1960’s, but made slightly before Thunderbirds. Again, big response from the boys and after a few of those they loved this more than Thunderbirds! They kept signing the theme song…’Stingray, Stingray! Stingray, Stingray! etc etc etc : ) I love the arguments between the characters and there are some brilliant lines in there. Oink the seal pup has the boys laughing.

Because they liked both of those so much, I pulled out the king of Anderson puppet shows – Captain Scarlet! Awesome show, first shown in England in 1967. Again, set in the future, but this time on a much bigger scale, introducing the concept of aliens and a fight against the Mysterons. Lots of cool technology and characters and the intro and end credits are brilliant.