Day 038 – balloon caught…

As I was wondering what to do for the picture of the day…


: ) out


Bonfire Night…!

Always a good excuse to get the fireworks and sparklers out!

A very chilly and clear night – perfect for fireworks!

If I was the apple tree, I would not be impressed!

Double sparkler action!


Tinks and apple tree…

I walked outside and was fairly surprised to see our cat Tinks right at the top of our apple tree.


Apple leaves…

The start of the process.

The idea now is to crop lots of sections from the scan to make the vertical section image!


Salad & garden…

Lots of cool garden stuff happening. Most importantly are Claire’s salad plants and our first salad of the year! Watercress, Basil & flowers, Parsley, Coriander and mixed leaves.

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We also managed to get 5 hanging baskets up and planted with tumbling toms – 2 plants in each, which Claire has grown from seed. Last year I grew loads of Ananas Noire (Black Pineapple toms) and they were awesome, so i’m really looking forward to the tomato experience already!

Also got the second wood store nearly done, just need a roof! I’ll make another one of those and that should be enough for the larger logs.

Finally, i’m really really happy that both the Apple and Elder trees are sprouting lovely healthy leaves, following their rather savage pruning in January. Oh yes, and the Onions are doing really well in the raised beds & Potatoes are coming up!


Tree pruning…

Major garden progress over the last couple of days…well, maybe not major but it’s a good start. We’ve been focussing on the house for a while now but this is the right time of year to prune fruit trees, before they start to bud in late Winter / early Spring.

Bit of a severe hair cut for the apple tree and Elder Berry tree, but it should promote a lot of new growth lower on the tree, which will make it easier to pick. You can just see Jamie in one of the pics holding the orange-handled branch loppers.

Also going to have to look at the fence this year as it’s doing it’s best to imitate a certain tower in Pisa!