Classic apple pie…

This is a GREAT apple pie recipe…

Really nice balance between the tangy apple flavours and the soft and crispy pastry. Awesome with custard too : )

Ultimate apple pie recipe – Recipes – BBC Good Food

I altered the recipe shown on the BBC site a little bit, from the first time I tried this a month or so ago. The last time I followed the instructions and prepared 1KG of cooking apples, but found this was way too much and would have led to a huge amount of filling compared to pastry.

For the latest pie, I used 800g as I prefer more of a balance between the crispy pastry but 900g would work well too.



Jamie Oliver’s Jammy Coconut Sponge…

Just baked one of the recipes from Jamie Oliver’s new book. Turned out tres well and even got the custard on it (as suggested by Mr Oliver!). I altered the recipe slightly in that I put the mixture into two tins, then used the strawberry jam between the layers. Jamie also added some sprinkles on top!