Jeremy Haslam photography exhibition…

A range of photography from across my Dad’s years, including some photo-collages.

Exhibition 08.02.14 - 03 Exhibition 08.02.14 - 02 Exhibition 08.02.14 - 07 Exhibition 08.02.14 - 22 Exhibition 08.02.14 - 06 Exhibition 08.02.14 - 16

Also check out Jeremy’s photography here:


World Tour of Bath #6 – Holburne Museum…

Eric Parry’s Holburne Museum extension. Completed in 2011, in parallel with the restoration of the main building, which dates from 1796. The scheme took 10 years to progress through the design, planning and construction stages.

The result is a fairly impressive structure. The ceramic and glazed exterior is quite a challenging thing, particularly in the context of such as strong local character and it’s location: attached to a grade l listed building. The glazing does reflect the mature plane trees to the rear which are the start of Sydney Gardens, through which a canal and trainline pass!

The green and metallic ceramic vertical tiles work well and compliment the form of the older building and the contrast is significant. The whole scheme would have transformed the interaction of the museum with the gardens and the interior spaces are very well integrated with the 18th century building.

The ground floor cafe and outdoor seating area works well and I could see this being a very nice place to hang out in the summer – it was nice enough when I was there and I managed to avoid a pretty torrential rain storm while I was in side – to emerge with large puddles everywhere and torrents of water running down the hill to the University of Bath!

A 30 minute walk to the university campus and an interesting lecture. Lots of interesting new build projects there and overall a day of inspiring design.


World Tour of Bath #5 – Pulteney Weir and more…

After a quick look around the Victoria Art Gallery, there was a long look at the Pulteney Weir.

There is a kind of hypnotic feel to the weir while watching the very calm and virtually still water by the bridge as it slowly gathers pace to the top of the weir then descends into a boiling mass of water. It’s an amazing sight to see the curve of the water across the stepped weir.

A walk across Pulteney Bridge and a quick tea stop and on via Great Pulteney Street. Lovely Georgian terraced town houses along this main route, leading to the next destination: the Holburne Museum and Sydney Gardens.


World Tour of Bath #4 – Bath Abbey…

After the slightly under-whelming experience of the Southgate development, I had what I can only describe as one of the best pastries EVER! Yes, i’m using capitals there with good reason! I didn’t take a picture of it because it was gone in about a minute flat!

This was an almond covered pain au chocolat (I think with some kind of almond filling also), finely dusted with icing sugar and was awesome. It was also warm – seriously. Did I mention it was awesome?

Having had this, I made my way over to the Abbey and was greeted by it across the square.

Always an inspiring place – the abbey dominates the central area and is a Mecca for tourists. The Abbey was completed around the year 1150 and the flying buttresses are an incredible site.

I didn’t have a huge amount of time on my way towards the University and other destinations along the route, so I just had a quick walk around and a bit of a long breath of architectural inspiration : )


World Tour of Bath #3 – Southgate…

Ok, seeing the Southgate development was one of the two main reasons for this day trip. A 37,000 m2 retail-based regeneration scheme right next to the train and bus stations in Bath. Designed by Chapman Taylor architects to mimic the Georgian stone architecture of the area. A major scheme with a long and fraught design history.

Overall, after seeing the Thermae Bath Spa development, I wasn’t impressed (oh dear, not a good start!). My overall impression was a painfully conservative and dull development which just doesn’t provide any original ‘story’ in the development of the city centre.

Any place is made up of many individual elements which over time come together to form the existing place. Redevelopment on this scale, which copies what has gone before just doesn’t contribute to the place’s living history.

It also didn’t provide an environment where you would really want to spend time and just be. I found it a bit sterile – for example there was just a single semi-mature plain tree in the main central open space. Fairly tight routes through and some of the detailing was just bizarre.

But having said this, filling in what is a huge area of a world heritage site is an immense task and there were very good reasons why they went down the conservative route. The problem with this is the lack of spirit, or fun, or excitement. It’s just filling in. And don’t get me started on the flagship Mac store materials – not even stone but some creamy/tan render! I feel the Georgian Society really won the day with this development – a massive missed opportunity for a modern take on the modern Bath.

This all sounds like a rant (which it is) but this is one of my passions – the places we live and spend time have a massive impact on us as people.

To leave this on a positive note, I loved the display in the Mac Store window, with the zebras running! Really cool image : ) I also thought most of the materials were good quality and the scale was appropriate. The majority of residents and groups will end up happy with the development.


World Tour of Bath #2 – City of Bath College…

I saw this building through gaps in the buildings surrounding the spa development and headed over there.

This structure really stands out from the surrounding urban form – both from the modern cream block of the older college buildings and the Georgian era stone buildings. I absolutely love the form, style and materials, the series of vertical alternating width standing seems, but not the very dark finish – a bronze or copper would have been incredible.

Something to highlight the stark contrast – the stone building opposite with the tree shadow – tattoo anyone?


World Tour of Bath #1 – Thermae Bath Spa…

The Georgian city of Bath – a World Heritage Site and a big part of my childhood going to school there. A training/lecture event came up hosted by the University of Bath and I jumped at the chance to combine that with seeing a few of the sights.

The first of the destinations on my trip to Bath was the Thermae Bath Spa complex – opened 6 years ago after a long and very controversial ride through the design and planning system. A very modern glazed building surrounded by listed Georgian buildings hundreds of years old.

I had a personal tour of the whole facility from Katie, one of the marketing team. She showed me the huge range of facilities they have there and told me about the running of the place and some of the history of the hot springs which the complex is based on.

The roof-top hot spring-heated swimming pool was the highlight and the views were awesome. I’ll have to go back there as a paying guest one day : )


Little Miss Sunshine…

A snapshot from my world tour of the city of Bath yesterday – much more to follow : )


Protected: Shaving foam paints…

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Coloured ice boats…

Ice boats – they lasted two minutes in the bath but well worth it!