Cornwall camping: day 3…

Glorious sunshine for the whole day and just what Cornwall is all about. If it hadn’t been for this day, the whole experience could have gone in a different direction to what it did and we made the most of the break in the rain.

We managed to get to three beaches and touring around was a real pleasure. The first port of call was Lizard Point, the most southerly point of main land England and a very rugged coast line. A good beach and some very nice textures and constructions.

Back up north and two beaches on the way home, one good (Polurrian Bay), the last one very good (I will remember the name soon!). A great cream tea at the cafe overlooking the beach and the sun held out.

But…that night, the tent was literally battered by rain and wind. I’ve never experienced anything like it – being so close to the elements but being completely warm and dry inside the tent. : )



Camping trip…

We’ve just been camping for a few nights at a camp site just outside Hawkchurch, in Devon. It seems to be on the border of 3 counties: Devon (mostly to the west), Dorset (to the east and south) and Somerset (to the north).

It was a 4* site complete with toilet paper in the toilet block (!!) and VERY hot power showers! There seem to be a lot of  static mobile homes which look nicer than our house! It was only £10 per tent per night, which was brilliant value. There was also a really nice bar and shop + games room and playground for the kids.

I had a shower the second night and was nearly blown clean out of the block! Bloody hell – there was also a sign on the wall saying something like, ‘We know some some of our customers like hotter showers but we are due to health and safety regulations, we are legally obliged to limit the temperature of the water to 42 degrees!’

I’ve never had a hotter shower! I normally use 36 degree water, so this felt pretty fresh to say the least. Anyway, good facilities and the actual field we were setup in was nice.

We went with a couple of other families and it was a really good holiday and the boys really liked playing with the other kids and just being outside all day. It was though generally slightly draining as we were getting a bit less sleep than normal and out and about all day every day. We all got a good tan though.

We had a couple of good trips to the beach, with a trip to Charmouth on the Sunday and again on the Monday (mostly the men folk and kids for that one and there were some creative constructions with pebbles! Myself and Jamie went off to get ice creams and I had 2 choc ices and Jamie had a flake cone. He got a cool yellow spade in the shop (but no bucket!) and a blue fishing net.

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Monday night was classic! The women folk might disagree, but myself and James thought it was the highlight of the holiday… I’d brought with us a pack of 10 sky lanterns, which are essentially made from very light and non-flammable (remember this bit) and bio-degradable tissue paper. They’re maybe 1 metre tall and half a metre across.

Anyway, we lit the first one (see pics) and it only took a minute or so to heat up and take off – really cool sight as it slowly rose up and floated off. Everyone was really impressed, sooooo, I started another one, with slightly different results! This one didn’t quite get the lift that the first one did and so it went up much more slowly. It drifted across the field (towards someone else’s tent) and S ran under it and blew it up a bit! It sort of swung around but was only getting a bit of height.

It reached the edge of the field and hit one of the tall trees there and kept burning! This was accompanied by exclamations of ‘it’s going to burn the tree down’ and ‘the rescue helicopters will be out’ and ‘someone call for a fire engine!’ etc etc. S legged it around the field while me and J just jogged over to where it was in the hedge. we could see it was just burning out anyway but S was then missing for a while!

It was classic! It slowly tumbled down the tree and landed in the hedge, right by a static caravan. It burnt out after 5 minutes and the next day was found on the ground.

It was off to Lyme Regis on the Tuesday which was the last full day. It was another nice day and both Jamie and Jac got cheap life boat toys from the RNLI shop, which they seemed to like. I think they’re at the stage where if they don’t get the same toys there’s trouble! All the adults went in and swum (except me) and they didn’t look that warm, even though they all said it was nice! I prefer warm, sand-based activities!

J and I managed to get to watch the Netherlands game that night and two amazing goals! We’d just also had a fish and chips dinner, so a good night all round.

Guess what, we set off another lantern on that last night! I had to try it again after the events of the previous night. It went really well and just drifted off into the night sky, just after Claire had come jogging over saying ‘don’t set that off, it’ll burn someone’s tent down!’. Classic (again).

Good holiday and worth going there again.