P!NK concert FA!L, but a nice day out anyway…

After many months of suspense and anticipation, the Pink concert which we had been really looking forward to was cancelled, 3 hours before it was due to start! Pink called in sick so had to make alternative arrangements. We even saw her tour bus pulling into the NEC parking area.

Here are some pictures from around the Birmingham NEC area…

NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 03 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 04 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 06 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 08 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 10 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 26 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 12

So, what do you do when you’re 7 miles from the centre of Birmingham, after having just received a text message saying your concert has been cancelled?

First thing – there’s no way we’re going back home now when we’ve got the day to ourselves! Second thing – let’s go see a film. Ok, nothing really inspiring on (Tom Cruise being the top target). Let’s head that way and see. While on way to cinema, we see the high rise towers of the centre and decide to head to the Bullring for some shopping/browsing and some food.

Really glad we did that and had some really nice Thai food at Selfridges. A fair bit of browsing the shops and being shocked at the prices of clothes but a potentially bad day turned into good day out.

NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 23 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 18 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 33 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 27 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 29 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 31 NEC + Selfridges 22.04.13 - 32


Birmingham and beyond…

Our first post-car excursion out of Gloucester!

We used to go up to see Claire’s grandparents fairly often on the train but switched to the car once Jac went mobile!

It was only £25 return on the train for the 4 of us which is cheaper than hiring the car club car. It was fine but Jac slept for 2 hours on the way back! Bit of a late night followed but the trip was really good and we helped Claire’s Granddad get 10 runner bean plants into pots and he’ll really appreciate that.

Jamie also had a go on the stair lift, which he loved. There’s a little joystick control in his hand which controls the up and down.

Also went to Muji in the centre of Birmingham and a quick look around the Bull Ring.