Day 022…

A layered image in terms of colours and construction – alternating spectrum but repetitive line angles.

Blinds 03.06.13


Day 004…

Today has been rather busy. What i’m already finding with the ‘picture a day’ system is the calming nature of it. I had thought it would be a pressure, but so far it’s been very natural and today was a good way to wind down a bit.

IMG_2586 IMG_2598 IMG_2601

Using a red transparent toy trowel as a make-shift filter, I tried to find some abstract views of my surroundings, including the sunshine through clouds and bathroom window blinds.

I think i’m starting to see these types of images as the point between photography and art and something which could easily be translated into other mediums.


Bathroom progress…

It’s been a good weekend for the house…it’s getting towards the final bathroom details and it’s starting to look how we want it.

We’re still waiting for the shower pole fixing to arrive and hopefully that’ll get here soon. Once it does, we can start using the bathroom for real! The blind has been fixed up and looks good and creates a nice softer light which works well with the wall colours.

Claire also cut a piece of opaque film for the lower part of the window – still lets light in but cuts views!

I also cut and nailed up the arcitrave around bathroom side of the door frame which helps to finish off that area. Just have to varnish the door and paint the arcitrave and skirting.

10 pieces of the skirting were cut yesterday, with 3 left, which I finished today. These were also fixed onto the walls with No More Nails and wood glue for the corner joins. Pretty tight fit and the angle tool worked well.

Since 15 plasterboards fell on me while I was doing the front bedroom (!!), and since we all fell onto the angle saw, it hasn’t been the same (my leg is fine now though)! So, i’ve gone back to basics and cut everything like this by hand.