Doorway along Albion Street, Gloucester.




Day 051 – plastic blue lines…

Insulation boards and building materials all wrapped up in blue plastic, within the building yard of Gloucestershire College.



Day 021…

A long, tiring but very happy day in the garden, finally enjoying the early summer sunshine. This is a layered image of the blue sky through netting.

Netting and sky 02.06.13


Light sabre blur…

The boys playing with their glowing blue light sabres…


Alternate universe…

A trip to a local playground. The boys were playing on a climbing frame with some binoculars on top. I had a look through and saw some crazy patterns – checked my eyes then looked again!


Foaming monsters…

Continuing the activity fun times, today was the foaming monsters! The image below gives the instructions but it’s based on white vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda reacting to form bubbles.

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The boys chose food colouring and we sat back and watched the result! It took a couple of minutes and I did have to add another bit of vinegar and bicarb, but the results were pretty exciting!

Some nice patterns when the two mixtures had come together and the boys had fun using their spoons to mix the two together.


Protected: Foaming monsters…

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Bye bye blog theme…

The sun is setting on Tarski, and rising on Twenty Eleven.