Day 046 – Llanthony bridge…

Llanthony Bridge in Gloucester, on the Gloucester to Sharpness Canal – this lifts to let boats pass under, which also stops the traffic for a while : )

Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 10 Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 13



Cornwall camping: day 4…

Another wet day followed the very wet night, which followed the very sunny day… the Cornish weather wasn’t making its mind up!

But, we had an ace up our sleeves, in the form of Falmouth Maritime Museum, which we hoped would be something which would get us out of the rain for most of the day. It ended up being a really good visit with great exhibitions, graphics, architecture and food. Everyone had a good time and the Seahawk Helicopter was particularly impressive.

At this point we had pretty much decided to cut the camping trip short by a day and head back home tomorrow as we had run out of indoor and dry entertainment!

Eden Project here we come!