Light sabre blur…

The boys playing with their glowing blue light sabres…


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Thunderbirds, Stingray and Captain Scarlet…!

I recently tried the boys with an old episode of Thunderbirds and they loved it. The classic Jerry and Sylvia Anderson puppet adventure series from 1965 seems to be a big hit.

This is such a blast from the past and I remember watching all these in my teens after school, especially after games lesson on a Friday. It’s pretty much how I remember it but now i’m noticing some of the adult humour and little details.

Because they liked this so much, I then showed them an episode of Stingray, also from the 1960’s, but made slightly before Thunderbirds. Again, big response from the boys and after a few of those they loved this more than Thunderbirds! They kept signing the theme song…’Stingray, Stingray! Stingray, Stingray! etc etc etc : ) I love the arguments between the characters and there are some brilliant lines in there. Oink the seal pup has the boys laughing.

Because they liked both of those so much, I pulled out the king of Anderson puppet shows – Captain Scarlet! Awesome show, first shown in England in 1967. Again, set in the future, but this time on a much bigger scale, introducing the concept of aliens and a fight against the Mysterons. Lots of cool technology and characters and the intro and end credits are brilliant.


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Scuffles and toy snatching…

I started this post as a draft a few weeks ago following a month or so of some fairly sustained toy-snatching by Jac. He had been going up to Jamie and stealing whatever toy or Lego model he was playing with at the time.

Our first thoughts were that he wasn’t getting enough attention from us, or certainly not enough positive attention. It’s easy to fall into lazy patterns where not enough attention and focus is given to the boys, so this was a kind of wake up call for us.

We are going to try and spend more time interacting and playing with the boys to avoid some of the scuffles and arguing + toy snatching by Jac. It’s probably a lack of direct attention so there’s an easy way to solve that one!

So, we gave that a go with some success but unless one of us was sitting right by Jac, he would just go back to stealing things, so obviously not a very sustainable solution. I had an idea that instead of being some more complicated reason, that it was more likely to be something simple. It seems most things are simple at their source and tackling that source issue can solve a whole range of related problems.

The problem seems to have been to do with Lego. Jamie was getting a lot of positive attention for the great models he was building but it was also something which we were stopping Jac from getting involved with, given that the Lego had been given to Jamie over the last couple of years. Jamie was also saying that it was special to him and getting upset when Jac even touched any of it. Making Lego models was also something I was doing with Jamie which Jac was obviously picking up on.

There were obviously a few quite emotional connections to the Lego, so instead of constantly stopping Jac from getting involved, we started making little models for Jac at the same time and over a short amount of time, Jamie got used to Jac having a little go. This was much better for everyone than the snatching, so everyone accepted it easily. Jamie even started complimenting Jac on his models and playing with him more, as it was something which they could share and play with together.

What I might introduce is the idea that as soon as the original Lego model is built and then subsequently taken apart, everyone can use the pieces to build whatever they want. The new model only stays together for a matter of days anyway.


Painting pink…!

I came home on Thursday and half the garden had been painted and the boys were running around painting each other pink! Great fun.

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Lots of snow…!

So, we couldn’t resist getting out into the garden today, with lots of new snow everywhere!

We made it out twice, but only for 15 minutes each time! Jac had snow on his hands and was getting a bit chilly both times – this was after he had taken his gloves off twice!

Anyway, it was really fun and I love the light and feel of a snowy landscape!


Boys words…

Some new or developing words or phrases from the boys over the last few weeks…


– Hiiiyaaaa (hello)

– Foooot (foot)

– Aiiii (egg)

– Tooooe (toe)

– Ott ott (hot hot)

– Raaainbow (rainbow)

– Digggy (spade/shovel)

– Fooo (phone)

He’s also been doing a cute exchange with us for a number of months, where he sees something disappear and says ‘where go?’, with his hands up to the sides. We then say ‘where?’ then he says ‘where?’. Then ‘there it is!’. I normally do that a few times for effect!

He also has started sort of talking with us. Last week he was saying, ‘look!’, I said ‘what?’, he said, ‘Baaaby playing!’.


‘It’s very yummy for my tummy’.

‘Oh dear meee!!’

‘Yes, that sounds perfect!’.


Liverpool FC + house work + budgets…

From the point of view of people reading this blog, there’s been way too much on here recently about the (mighty) Reds and various house work + budgets! I suppose things go through phases and right now it’s all about getting the house work underway and Liverpool’s sale to new owners.

I’m going to get more stuff on here about family things, particularly the trip to Train Land at Drayton Manor Park! Also the whole learning and perceptions subject, given the boys are growing and learning so quickly and changing all the time. That’s the stuff i’ll look back on and wish I had more information on.