Layers of time…

A walk around the former prison and Docks in Gloucester. Looking at layers of materials and time.


Thre Shadows Photography Centre, Beijing…

Some amazing brickwork detailing.



Day 005…

Newark Farm in Gloucester. A collection of run-down but interesting farm buildings, arranged in a courtyard. The buildings date from the 1850’s so a bit of wear and tear would be expected.

Newark Farm 17.05.13 - 01


Bay window & re-pointing…

Attention has defo been drawn outside over the last few weeks of amazing weather. The garden is looking great and the wood splitting and stacking is progressing really well. We’ve taken delivery of 18 tomato plant seedlings and now have a good range of plants growing in the plant house.

We’ve also been finally attempting to sort out the patchy bay window, which needs to be scraped back and re-painted, both around the base and around the windows.

In the process of this scraping away of the old paint, there was a question over what the bay was actually made of. We had assumed it was stone, but once the paint was off, it looked and felt less like stone, being too soft. Claire did some quick interweb research and got a lead that it could be brick with render over. This makes sense and you can see the engineering brick under the sills, which the render has been applied over.

We had been worried about the stone breathing, but now we can just paint it with a strong exterior paint, maybe in off-white. Claire has also been sampling various colours of mortar, to patch up the many areas which need attention! The whole corner of the house needs work, as well as areas around the bay.

After a few colour trials and a couple of trips to B&Q, for yellow, red and black colouring, Claire has found a good shade, which goes with the existing mortar and the bricks. I had to say no way to the first tangerine choice!


Jac building bricks…

We were just playing about yesterday while I was making Jamie’s ‘Germ Killer’ outfit and I thought jac was being rather quiet. This normally means he’s found the large knives, or is flushing the toilet etc but I turned round and he was concentrating hard on stacking small blocks on top of each other.

I just let him get on with it but past a certain point I took a few pics and he managed to get 22 in a stack! He was really pleased with himself and i’ve never seen him build like this before. Just in the last month he’s switched from┬ámostly knocking things down to buildings things up.

His speech has also jumped forward and Claire was syaing that at the same age, Jamie had far less speech. Jac is now the age that Jamie was when Jac was born! Weird to think about that.


‘Brick City’…

Jamie and I made a cool brick city, complete with bus parking area and fences + he made a nice image on the computer.

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