View into water-filled light tank and reflections, plus other images from Bristol Zoo.



Bristol Zoo…

Good day at Bristol Zoo on Friday. We all drove down there and met Mum at her flat and all went over to the zoo, which is only a 5 minute drive. It was Jac’s first zoo adventure and he was running around like a loon (actually, so was Jamie)!

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There was also a really cool new adventure playground thing called ZooRopia! Anyone can go on it, so long as you’re a certain height. You’re attached to the metal ropes by the usual climbing equipment and harness so there’s no way to fall off. Even so, it’s pretty high and some of the sections along the course are really wobbly. Well worth a go and the zip line at the end was cool.

It’s an extra £7.50 for adults but it’s not the sort of thing you do everyday (plus Mum paid, so it’s all good!). It’s an amazing way to create extra space without using much more ground area, as all the wood supports for the thing are set within the existing playground and walkways. The price also pays for 2 attendants to supervise things.