The Tube graffiti…

A chance find while out in Bristol, on the wall of the club I used to go to Disco nights at!

Dino theatre 19.02.14 - 45


Submergence: Interactive light installation…

Another gleaming gem in the centre of Bristol. I’ll update this post when I find the details of the artist!

Bristol 04.10.13 - 003 Bristol 04.10.13 - 004 Bristol 04.10.13 - 006 Bristol 04.10.13 - 007 Bristol 04.10.13 - 009

Submergence info


Bristol graffitti…

Walking up Stokes Croft in Bristol – always an uplifting experience!


Around and about Bristol Harbourside…

A great trip to Bristol’s Harbourside, to visit the boys Grandma. We walked around the docks areas and had lunch at the very well-situated Arnolfini art gallery, then over to the M-Shed, where there was an exhibition of Bristol’s connections to chocolate, with associations for industry and the slave trade.

Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 30 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 50 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 21 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 10 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 07 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 56

Over to Millennium Square for some running around and paddling in the water-feature pools, then back to Grandma’s flat. A gppd day of education for the boys (and adults).


Out and about in Bristol…

A cool and random night out and good chance to have some time away from Gloucester and our two lovely boys!

If you ever get a chance to see the comedian Philberto, you have to go – one of the best stand ups I have ever seen. His impression of a Glaswegian was awesome.


‘Space 36’…

A very dodgy and oppressive underground car park, right next to the graffiti exhibition area in the center of Bristol.



Eating, drinking, catching up, street art…


At-Bristol light forest…

Part of the upstairs of the At-Bristol centre is given over to a hanging light forest, with lights hung from lit plastic cords.

These create an amazing sea of light and when people are running through them, there are some good opportunities for blurred photos. Reflections are also nice off the polished black floor.


At-Bristol orange stairwell…

While we were upstairs at the At-Bristol science centre, Jac made a dash for freedom out of a door which led into a stariwell. He was just wanting to look out of the window from there but the stairwell was amazing!

Industrial, bright orange and textured concrete. Some really nice images and a complete contrast to the slightly darkened 1st floor area.


Protected: At-Bristol…

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1000 posts…

I’ve officially gone past the 1000 mark for public posts on my blog, which I setup over two and a half years ago.

First post was May 2009 and i’ve just gone over 30,000 hits. Not bad for a random and inconsistent offering of sometimes bizarre subjects! It’s been a fun experience so far and a great record of some of the family and life events.

Thanks to everyone who’s checked the blog out over those years and I hope you’ve found something interesting or inspiring!


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